The bakery is open!

Great news for pastry lovers! Finally after months of waiting our Ratio Bakery is open. While we were doing the renovations at the train station it became clear that the cafe side of Ratio was going to open first because of the need for a commercial hood fan (you can thank the donuts for that). So for the last month Laurie, Megan and our team of bakers and culinary chefs have been working out of a off site commercial bakery/kitchen. The items were baked and then quickly transported to Ratio for customers to enjoy. Now when you enjoy any baking or food at Ratio you can just peek through the bakery window and see where it was made. It's very exciting.

Our list of equipment is very exciting as well. We have top of the line German made deck oven, a Swiss pastry sheeter, proofers, a blast chiller and all sorts of other precision baking tools. Within time we will be able to produce some remarkable products that haven't ever been available in Vernon.

Tomorrow is donut day and we are so excited that we will be producing all of our donuts on site with our new donut fryer. It's going to be so much fun!

Next time you are at Ratio take a peek through the bakery window and watch the treats being made. It's so exciting to watch.