Where’s your location?

IMG_8657 Since launching Ratio we've had many people ask where is your coffee shop?

In sync with the Vernon Public Art Gallery's Okanagan Print Triennial Pop up art show we will be operating a Pop Up Cafe at the show's location. Great Art and Coffee have always been good friends and we are very excited to be able to pair our espresso and pastries with some truly exceptional art.

The Okanagan Print Triennial Pop Up show will be located on 31st Avenue in the lot right next to the former Vernon Flower Shop. The best way to look for this on a navigation app is to look for "Greyhound Canada, Vernon, BC" and then walk towards 31st Street (you will see the 5 large shipping containers!). The Pop up Art Show is located more or less on the corner of 31st Avenue & 31st Street downtown Vernon, BC.

Look for us smiling and ready to serve you coffee & delicious pastries in our pop up tent and mobile cafe. If all goes well (ie. city permits, health inspections etc) we will be serving you coffee at the opening March 19th from 6pm - 8pm. The Triennial Pop Up runs March 19th - May 19th. Operating hours to come soon.

We can't wait to serve you!