How we make our donuts

Ratio is known for our handmade donuts and #donutfriday. Here are some facts:

  1. We make them 100% from scratch... Nothing is pre-made or brought in frozen. Every dough, glaze and topping is made in house (minor exceptions like mini eggs at Easter etc.) All of our inclusions (nuts, fruits etc) are organic whenever possible.
  2. We use the best oil you can get our hands on. Our favorite is rice bran oil. It absorbs into the dough less leaving you a less greasy donut. #foryourhealth
  3. We start planning donuts Monday. Working on our menu, our list of needed ingredients etc. Thursday is dough prep day. Letting the dough have an overnight cold fermentation to develop aroma and flavor.
  4. Our bakers get up well before the crack of dawn (first baker arrives at 3:30 am!) to get started. ?? .
  5. We use over 100 eggs on donut day and all totalled we make about the weight of one of our barista's (excluding those McWilliam boys) in dough! That's a lot of dough.