Donut Friday - Nov 6, 2016

That's right it's time for #donutfriday! Our pastry chefs make perfection in your mouth happen bite after bite so don't miss out. #vernonbc #ratiovernon Ratio Vernon's baker getting ready for Donut Friday

Black Forest Fritter: a sour cherry fritter, dipped in a sour cherry glaze and drizzled in chocolate.

Apple PB Fritter: an apple fritter dipped in a PB glaze

Old Dirty Bastard: a ring donut dipped in chocolate, topped with crushed Oreos, and drizzled in peanut butter

Pumpkin Patch: a donut filled with a pumpkin spice butter cream and rolled in a cinnamon cardamon sugar

Licorice Twist: a donut filled with an anise buttercream, dipped in a Licorice glaze, and topped with black Licorice.

Whiskey Crunch: a donut ring dipped in a chocolate whiskey glaze and topped with crushed pretzels

Tropical Paradise: a ring donut dipped in a fresh mango glaze and topped with coconut, dried mango, and fresh pomegranate

Apple Crumble Pie: a ring donut dipped in a fresh apple glaze and topped with an oat crumble

Coconut Lime (GF): a lime donut dipped in a coconut lime glaze and topped with toasted coconut

Vegan Lemon Poppyseed (Vegan): a vegan friendly donut with lemon zest and poppyseeds topped with a bright lemon glaze.