Donut Friday - Nov 20, 2015

Donut Friday! We've increased our quantities - hopefully we don't run out by noon again... But the early bird gets the worm. Donuts appear at 9 am. Also if we run out of seating downstairs feel free to check out our upstairs seating area the Ratio Loft.

Hawaii Fritter: Lime Glaze Caramelized Pineapple

Ratio Fritter (Apple PB): Vanilla bean glaze + PB glaze Roasted apples

Triple D: White chocolate, lemon, pepper glaze

Granola: Greek yogurt glaze Granola Garnish

ODB: Chocolate Glaze Crushed Oreo PB drizzle

Mochaccino: Chocolate Coffee Whipped Ganache Chocolate glaze White chocolate drizzle Coffee bean garnish

Key Lime: Key lime curd Italian Meringue Toasted coconut Green crumbs/Graham cracker crumbs

VEGAN: Cherry glaze Vegan crumb topping

GF: Chocolate glaze PB drizzle Chopped peanuts

Smore: marshmallow, graham crackers, and chocolate glaze.